Monday, September 12, 2016

Another great read from Billy Coffey

I have ready all of Billy Coffey's books and this is a nice book to add to my collection.  The book is titled, "There will be Stars."  Every book Coffey writes is very deep.  You cannot sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy a nice relaxing read.  His novels make you think.  This novel is admittedly a strange one.  It is a story about a father and his two sons that end up getting in a car wreck and they wake up in some strange world.  The strange part is that these people relive the same day over and over.  they are stuck in limbo (Think Groundhog Day!).  This is a story of redemption i believe.  It is about getting your life right and making the most of every opportunity.  I love that message.  but the reality is, not everyone will like this novel.  It is very strange and can move a little sluggish at times.  Saying that, it is worth getting through it because the message is loud and clear by the end.  I do recommend this book to you.
I recieved this book for free in exchange with an honest review from booklook bloggers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Author Blake Crouch has done it again

I picked up Blake Crouch's new novel, "Dark Matter" because i have read his Wayward Pines Trilogy.  Those books were great so that is why i had a hunch that Dark Matter would be great too.  I was right (LOL!).  This is a book about a man who lived a life that was lived but not enjoyed.  One day, He gets beat up outside his local bar.  When he wakes up, his wife is now not his wife and he now has no son.  His life is like it would have been if he made different choices when he was younger.
cant spoil any more.  This book is kind of like a modern day "It's a wonderful life."  You will absolutely love this book.  I just hope they make this into a movie.
I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Could this be a new classic? I think so!!!

First time author James Anderson has written a masterpiece (in my opinion).  The Never-Open Desert Diner is a tale that gives us many characters that are so fleshed out for us that I feel like we really get to know them.  They become our friends!  
The Main character is a man named Ben Jones.  He is a truck driver who delivers goods out in the middle of nowhere.  He meets a mysterious women playing a Cello.  He falls in love with her and has some thoughts of going back to see her after he has left.  The problem is: she is still married and she is in hiding.  Why is she in hiding?
  This book has a great setting.  Who doesnt like a road trip story with an almost abandoned old fashioned desert diner?
 I would recommend you buying this book from Amazon or your local book store because it is a modern day road trip classic across the desert.  my favorite part is not the story (even though it is good).  it is how Anderson fleshes out the character.  His skill at character development is very high.
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A very interesting sci-fi novel

I read a book by author Peter Clines called The Fold.  After reading the back of the book, i have wanted to read this book for a long time.  I finally got a copy of it to review.  Let me say, that i loved the book.  It is definitely not a perfect book but it is definitely enjoyable.
I have watched the show Sliders; a show about parallel dimensions.  This book reminded me of an episode from sliders alot.  The Fold is a device used to travel across space in shorter time, but it ends up being a device for travelling to alternate dimensions.  
The ending is where things take a 90 degree turn.  All of a sudden we see creatures/.aliens that attack.  I did not expect this part of the story.  While it was still good, i was still disappointed with this part.  I thought they would talk about alternate universes more but they did not.  
Saying all this, i did like this book alot and would recommend it.  It does have alot of profanity, s if that offends you, be fair warned.
I received this book for free from bloggingforbooks.,com in exchange with an honest review.    

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A book on marriage, guys will actually read!

I love being married, but like every marriage, mine needs attention, and care.  Left unattended marriage can fall apart at worse or be sluggish at best.  Marriage books abound in this book frenzy world.  I just finished reading The Dude's guide to Marriage by Pastor Darrin and Amie Patrick.  They have written a very practical book.  Darrin writes the majority of the book and it definitely is written for men.  His wife Amie then puts her "two cents" in and writes from a wives perspective.  this is actually very helpful to read what most women need and what most women are thinking.
If you are looking for a book your husband will actually read, look no further.  This is the book you need to buy.  In fact, buy it and then read it together.  it will be fun
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Monday, January 25, 2016

book review: (un)qualified by Steven Furtick

Pastor and author Stephen Furtick has written another great book.  I was given a copy before it's March 1st release and i have to say this book resonated with me.
Have you ever felt over your head and unqualified for ministry and life?  I have and this book looks at the fact that God uses imperfect people to do great things.  Every person in the bible that was used by God had a reason to believe they were unqualified, but God used them anyway.
On March 1st go over to amazon and pick up a copy of unqualified by Steven furtick.  You will love it and i highly recommend it for your book collection.
I received a copy for free in exchange with an honest review from