Monday, September 12, 2016

Another great read from Billy Coffey

I have ready all of Billy Coffey's books and this is a nice book to add to my collection.  The book is titled, "There will be Stars."  Every book Coffey writes is very deep.  You cannot sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy a nice relaxing read.  His novels make you think.  This novel is admittedly a strange one.  It is a story about a father and his two sons that end up getting in a car wreck and they wake up in some strange world.  The strange part is that these people relive the same day over and over.  they are stuck in limbo (Think Groundhog Day!).  This is a story of redemption i believe.  It is about getting your life right and making the most of every opportunity.  I love that message.  but the reality is, not everyone will like this novel.  It is very strange and can move a little sluggish at times.  Saying that, it is worth getting through it because the message is loud and clear by the end.  I do recommend this book to you.
I recieved this book for free in exchange with an honest review from booklook bloggers.

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