Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My book review of Rudy by Rudy Ruttiger

I have watched the movie 'Rudy' many times and have been inspired to have dreams that are beyond your own ability to get them fulfilled.  I have watched the movie so many times i can even quote it from heart.  It is in fact my favorite movie of all time.
All of a sudden the book version comes out decades later and I had to get my hand on it.
This book: Rudy, is a great book.  It is an easy read and flows well.  This book goes into detail what the movie didnt have time to talk about.  A few highlights: Rudy goes to the Navy and learns many lessons for his life.  One interesting thing I learned about Rudy is he was a boxer at Notre Dame.  That is cool.
This book is very inspirational to me because Rudy was just an 'Average Joe' like me but His God-given dreams came true.  That inspires me to get going and see my dreams fulfilled. 
I recommend this book for every person who loves the movie.  You will not be disappointed at all.  I highly recommend it. 
I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.