Sunday, April 5, 2015

book review: The room by Jonas Karlsson

Wow!  I just finished a new book by Swedish author Jonas Karlsson called "The Room."  First off I would like to say, I couldnt put this book down.  it is very well written.  The chapters were short enough to feel like you are accomplishing something while reading it.  If reviewing this book came only from the way it is written I would say 10 out of 10.
But...This book has a very strange storyline.
Let's see...The narrator is our main character who has just got a job for a company called The Authority.  I am not sure exactly what the company is or what they do.  Our main character gets up to go to the bathroom one day and accidentally goes into the wrong room.  The room is an empty office long since used.  He decides he likes to go there on his breaks because of the peace and quiet from his annoying coworkers.  
Here is the main point of the book...spoiler alert...The room that he spends everyday in doesnt actually exist.  Yes you read that right.  Its all in his mind and he believes it is real even though everyone else cant see it.  
The entire book consists of his coworkers telling him he is crazy and him telling his coworkers he is right.  Thats it.  There isnt more to say, thats the story.
Saying is a fun read that is short and strange.  It reminds me of a twilight zone episode (I love the twilight Zone by the way.)  If you want a read to escape reality for a few hours, pick up The room by Jonas Karlsson.
I received this book for free in exchange with an honest review from the publisher through