Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Could this be a new classic? I think so!!!

First time author James Anderson has written a masterpiece (in my opinion).  The Never-Open Desert Diner is a tale that gives us many characters that are so fleshed out for us that I feel like we really get to know them.  They become our friends!  
The Main character is a man named Ben Jones.  He is a truck driver who delivers goods out in the middle of nowhere.  He meets a mysterious women playing a Cello.  He falls in love with her and has some thoughts of going back to see her after he has left.  The problem is: she is still married and she is in hiding.  Why is she in hiding?
  This book has a great setting.  Who doesnt like a road trip story with an almost abandoned old fashioned desert diner?
 I would recommend you buying this book from Amazon or your local book store because it is a modern day road trip classic across the desert.  my favorite part is not the story (even though it is good).  it is how Anderson fleshes out the character.  His skill at character development is very high.
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