Friday, January 9, 2015

Book review: Vanishing grace by Phillip Yancey

When Philip Yancey writes a book I read it.  I have loved every book he has ever wrote.  I got saved in 1996 and read his book, What's Amazing about grace, and I loved it and it help me grow in Christ.  This book Vanishing Grace is a sequel of sorts and it has grown my faith tremendously.
I have to say that many of his books are very long and feel a little "bloated."  This book is not like that.  At 272 pages it is just the right length.
My favorite chapter was chapter 9: Is there anyone else?  The God question.  In this very helpful chapter it helps believers defend their belief in God and share that belief with others.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who struggles with trusting in God's forgiveness, love, mercy, and faith.  This book will be a huge help to understand grace and to live out grace.
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