Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review: The Devil Walks in Mattingly by Billy Coffey

I'll admit I am a fiction junkie.  I read all sorts of fiction these days.  When I had the chance to pick up this book for review, I jumped at the chance.  I have read Mr. Coffey's other book, "When Mockingbirds Sing," and loved it.
    When I began reading this book, I loved reading it immediately.  But to be fair, I must say that it isnt your regular action packed story where many things are happening.  This book takes the layers off slowly like peeling an onion.  It can be slow for some, but for me as each "layer" was peeled, I wanted to keep reading.  It was that good.
   I hate giving away plot in my reviews so let me be brief: Three people are affected by their past and it affects their lives.  Now they are all being haunted by their past and must face forgiveness and redemption.
   Long story short, it is a story of redemption and forgiveness of ones past.  We all need that and this book illustrates it beautifully.
I received this book for free from  in exchange with an honest review.

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