Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review: Neighbors and Wise Men by Tony Kriz

Neighbors and Wise Men is a great book about finding God in unexpected places.  Tony Kriz (the author) was unknown to me when i got this book.  but i found out from the cover that He was mentioned in blue like jazz, which i have read and like very much.
This book is not priciples or or facts, it is in story form.  I like that.  i learn from story as all of us do.
I believe some might be offended by this book.  He talks about finding God in the middle of a pub and among muslim people.  i understand.  but i like it because God can show up in our lives no matter where we are.  God doesnt live in a church building, he lives where we go.
We are called to make disciples and most times it will happen in the market place.
this book helps to illustrate how to live that life where God can be found and shared with others.
I highly recommend it for all of you who want to find God in your own story.
I received this book for free from

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